Can Hamsters Eat Chips? All Risks And Rewards

Imagine you are enjoying delightful salty, crispy potato chips, and your little friend sees you with his irresistible beady eyes begging for the taste of your chips. It’s an emotional moment, no doubt, but before giving him chips for taste. One question always ponders in our mind: Can hamsters eat chips?

No, Hamster cannot eat chips or french fries. Not because it is unhealthy for them but because french fries contain some harmful ingredients which can cause serious disease to the hamsters and become the cause of their death.If you are wondering which ingredients in the chips harm the hamsters, stick to us because, In this crispy exploration, we shall uncover that these little paws should be dipped in the world of potato chips or that these chips are not made for them.

So, let’s dive into the world of hamsters’ nutrition and try to know the secrets behind the relationship between hamsters and potato chips.

Can Hamsters Eat Chips?

Why Are Chips Unhealthy For Hamsters?

Chips are not good for the Hamster because they are un fresh, preserved, and contain salt and oil, which is not good for the Hamster’s health for the following reasons.

Salty: Chips have too much salt, which is okay for humans but harmful to hamsters. It can give them high blood pressure, kidney problems, dehydration, and even death.

Spicy: Chips contain spices and herbs that hamsters can’t digest properly. Eating them can lead to diarrhea and dehydration in your pets.

Too Many Fats: Potato chips are cooked in oil with many unhealthy fats. Hamsters can’t handle fatty foods well and can cause a tummy ache. Plus, it can make them overweight.

Diabetes: Some chips, like banana chips, have sugar in them. If hamsters eat too many, they might get diabetes. Other chips with lots of starch can also lead to diabetes and obesity in hamsters.

Can Chips Kill a Hamster?

If your Hamster accidentally nibbles the chips that have fallen on the floor, then don’t worry because the small amount of chips cannot make his tummy sad, but your Hamster is likely to pull through.

Always remember there is always a big no to feeding chips to hamsters. It doesn’t matter that chips are Banana chips, potato chips, yam chips, tortilla chips, french fries, and many others are unhealthy for them because they are packed with chemical, preservatives, salt, and oil that is very dangerous to the sensitive stomach of the hamsters.

However, it doesn’t mean you can feed the hamster chips. One of the basic things is that chips are processed, not fresh and preserved, and contain natural ingredients like salt and oil that can cause serious health problems.

Can Chips Kill a Hamster?

What Will Happen If You Feed Hamsters Chips?

If your Hamster is used to and likes to eat chips and junk foods, it can lead to various health diseases, some of which can also become life-threatening if it is not cured on time. Here are some risks that are linked with giving chips to the Hamster.

Excess salt in chips can cause kidney stones.

Hamsters may gain weight and become obese.

The toxic oils and preservatives in chips can lead to heart disease.

Stomach problems like upset stomach and diarrhea can occur.

Digestive issues and gastrointestinal diseases are possible.

Hamster death can also happen due to severe illness.

Why French Fries Are Harmful To Hamsters?

French Fries are harmful to hamsters because of the harmful ingredients in them. You must also remember that other foods containing such harmful ingredients are also fatal for their health. These kinds of foods should be avoided to offer them.

Here are some of the reasons why:

  1. Potato chips or fries contain oil.
  2. It contains excessive salt.
  3. It contains high fat content.
  4. They are highly additives.
  5. They are fried.
  6. It contains poor nutritional value.
  7. It affects the digestive system.

In this article, we will discuss these ingredients’ effects more briefly. Please read this entire article to learn about your little fluffy friends’sfriends’ diets.

Fries Are Too Fatty

Hamsters need foods that contain fiber, fat, and protein, just like other animals. However, these nutrients should be consumed from the designated food of the Hamster, not from the human foods. Fries not only contain simple fats but also trans fat and saturated fat, which are also more harmful even for humans.

Hamsters have significantly smaller digestive systems than humans, so it is difficult to determine how much potatoes are safe for them. A single piece of fries that contains a heavy amount of fat for humans contains a harmful amount of fat for hamsters.

So, hamsters’ health should keep them away from chips.

Fries Contain Oils

You will be surprised that some oils are okay for the Hamster. For example, peanut butter has natural peanut oil, which is the best way to give fat to your hamsters. Fresh coconut oil is also one of the best options for hamsters and has healthy oils.

However, The oils used to make fries are not good for the Hamster’s digestive health and are not something hamsters should have. If hamsters taste it once in a while, it won’t hurt them, but if it happens often, it could make them gain too much weight and cause other health issues that will not be good for them.

Fries Contain Oils

Fries Contain Salt

Salt is one of the most misleading things that makes us believe salt is good for small pets because most pet stores you visit sell salt licks. However, it is not as healthy as the packages claim.

Too much salt in the diet of hamsters can cause kidney stones or dehydration in hamsters. So, keep the salt lick out of the hamsters’ cages and refrain from giving any food that contains salts.

I repeat, if you give salt licks or salty food to the hamsters before, don’t fret; stop it now, and just be careful not to continue to allow it because it will affect the kidney of the Hamster.

Too Many Additives

If you are making french fries from fresh potatoes, then the ones you buy are full of unhealthy preservatives for humans and can be worse for a hamster’s little tummy.

When you want to give human food to the hamsters, ensure it is fresh, healthy, and unprocessed. This way, you can keep an eye on what your Hamster is consuming, and you don’t need to worry about them if they accidentally eat something healthy for us but not for hamsters.

French Fries Are Fried

Fried foods are not healthy for hamsters for so many reasons. We’ve already discussed the oil in which fries are cooked and additives found in processed and fried foods.

Moreover, many fried foods are also breaded, increasing the chances of your Hamster consuming unhealthy ingredients. Remember that if you are frying chips in the same oil used for other foods, which is unhealthy for the little creatures, there is a chance of cross-contamination.

Can A Hamster Eat Potatoes?

After knowing all the reasons that chips are unsafe, you might think that this answer is also no, but believe it or not, hamsters can eat potatoes. I know it is strange, but you can allow them to eat potatoes, but before this, there are a few rules to remember.

Can A Hamster Eat Potatoes?

However, here are a few rules that need to be followed:

Cooked Potatoes Only

When you feed a potato to the Hamster, ensure it is properly cooked because raw potatoes contain harmful chemicals like solanine, which badly affect the Hamster’s health. According to the latest studies, this toxin can be proved deadly.

Please Keep It Plain

You may enjoy potato with cream, salt mayonnaise, and many more, but hamsters cannot tolerate this heavy sauce the way you can. Like humans, hamsters can also suffer from heart diseases by taking too much fat and cholesterol from such foods.

So, keeping the potatoes plain and simple is better, making them healthy and happy.

Balance Is Essential

Too many potatoes can harm the digestive tract of the Hamster and become the cause of ignoring the food they need to be consuming for the nutrients. Giving a lot of potatoes is not harmful to the Hamster but is also unhealthy for them.

If you haven’t given potatoes to a hamster yet, it is good, but if your Hamster eats and likes potatoes, ensure that you also give other foods to meet their nutritional needs.

Instead Of Potato Chips, What Else Can Your Hamster Eat?

Your pet can enjoy plenty of other snacks instead of chips. Some of them are as follows.

Hamster pellets: Hamster pellets are special food made just for hamsters. They’re a blend of grains, seeds, and nuts that give your Hamster all the nutrients they need to stay well.

Grains: Hamsters like grains; you can give them about a spoonful daily. Grains are in the hamster food you buy at the store, giving hamsters protein and energy. Be careful not to give too many fatty nuts like peanuts and sunflower seeds because they can make hamsters gain too much weight.

Vegetables: It’s best to give your Hamster fresh, organic veggies. If you’re using regular veggies, clean them well to remove pesticides. Hamsters like dark green veggies the most, like

  • Artichokes,
  • Broccoli,
  • Carrot tops,
  • Dandelion greens,
  • Romaine lettuce,
  • Spinach.

Avoid giving them iceberg lettuce and watery fruits like watermelon to prevent tummy issues.

Fruits: Hamsters can have a bit of fruit as a special treat and their regular food. Some good options are

  • Apples (without the seeds),
  • Bananas,
  • Pears,
  • Strawberries.

Remove any leftover fruits or veggies from your Hamster’s cage within a day to prevent spoiling.

Timothy hay:  Hay is the best source of nutrient enrichment and benefits the Hamster’s health. It also strengthens the teeth of the Hamster.

Freshwater: Fresh and clean Water should be accessible to the hamsters daily.

What Foods Are Bad For Hamsters?

I hope you know what you are feeding the Hamster if you stick to the grains, fruits, vegetables, and hay. However, there are foods in these categories that need to be avoided.

Citrus Fruits

Keep orange, lemon, and other citrus fruits out of reach from hamsters because they are highly acidic and can cause diarrhea and stomach issues. Ensure you also keep other acidic fruits from your hamsters’ diet.

Citrus Fruits


Celery seems harmless for hamsters since it’s mostly water, but the issue lies in its texture, not its composition. Hamsters can have trouble with celery because of the stringy parts in the stalks, which can make them choke. If you want your Hamster to have celery, giving them the leaves is safer.


Grapes And Raisins

Unlike other fruits, Grapes are not good for hamsters because they have too much sugar, which can cause diabetes and other digestive issues. So, it is better to say no to the grapes.

Raisins are even worse for hamsters because they have more sugar than regular grapes. So, it’s best to avoid giving dried fruits to your Hamster because they usually have a lot of sugar.

Grapes And Raisins


Hamsters cannot eat Chips and French fries because they contain oil, salts, fatty acids, freshness, and preservation, creating digestive health issues in hamsters. It can cause diarrhea, kidney stones, dehydration, etc.

But Hamsters can eat plain potatoes. The potato should be simple and plain with no sauce, salt, spice, or oil. Raw potatoes are not acceptable because they contain strong toxins.

Instead of giving chips and fries, you can give fruits like apples, bananas, strawberries, etc., and vegetables like carrots, broccoli, and spinach. etc. Timothy hay is the best diet for the Hamster. Last but not least, Fresh water should be accessible to hamsters all the time.


Is potato safe for Syrian hamsters?

Yes, potatoes are safe for Syrian hamsters, but the potato should be plain and simple, i.e., without any salt and sauce.

Can Siberian hamsters have potato chips?

No, Because it contains salt, spices, preserved, fatty acids, and many more harmful things that are not good for Siberian Hamster’s health.

Can Syrian hamsters eat French fries?

No, because it contains fatty acids, oil, salt, and many other harmful things that make Syrian hamsters sick and ill.

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